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August 30, 2004


von, did McCain really say that the opponents of the Iraq war were like the appeasers of Hitler?

Yeah, I think jab at Moore completely backfired. He got camera time in the middle of the most-anticipated speech on the opening night of the Republican National Convention, not to mention an overwhelming reaction from the crowd (negative, yes, but this definitely falls into the "no such thing as bad publicity" category). I don't think he could have asked for more.

And while I thought it was a decent speech, I was pretty disappointed at the tepid call for civility. I wasn't expecting a fiery rebuke of the SwiftVets (well, one can always dream), but I had hoped for a stronger statement about character assassination. Or any statement about character assassination, for that matter.

'Tepid' was a good way to describe McCain's speech. I'm halfway thinking McCain was hedging his bets against Bush being elected because it's pretty clear he is capable of putting forth a better effort.

Agree with Gromit's comments WRT Moore; big mistake, demonstrates the fear Moore has caused within GOP circles. I'd add that McCain calling Moore "disingenuous" is a pretty weak condemnation.

The conflation of Iraq and al Qaeda - in McCain's speech and especially in Giuliani's - rendered them both empty and hollow. This was not an intellectual defense of the war. This was not a thinking defense of the war. This was a purely emotional defense, divorced from fact. We were hit so we had to have the strength to hit back anywhere - whether we were hitting our attackers or not.

Bull. I don't believe that McCain or Giuliani are so dunderheaded as Bush, who might be so unengaged with fact that he simply doesn't care what connections constitute a meaningful relationship with al Qaeda. I don't believe that McCain or Giuliani are so ignorant or uncaring that they failed to pay attention when David Kay said that over fifty other countries currently stand at Iraq's level of weapons development. They were trotted out to offer up a disingenuous, laughably false defense of this war, as a dozen other Bush surrogates have before them. This was cheap work, and the American troops and Iraqi civilians who've died in the name of their excuses deserve better.

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