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August 09, 2004


Alas that I can give no more information on "to wit, who is Fafnir," from the truly massive dossier I have compiled -- really -- but I am sworn to secrecy. (I have other incriminating photos, but the one posted is far and away the best.)

I have been commanded by Giblets to say no more. To say no more NOOOOOOOOW!

Giblets is a very commanding Giblets.

By the way, I think the Kerry campaign should let Fafnir, Giblets, and the Medium Lobster take over the Kerry Blog for a full day. Who's with me?!

I know I am. Hell, let them run the campaign.

were you at least accompanied by a nice bottle of Rioja during your 30 minute post?

Incidentally, Moe, remember this?

(Scroll down to Fafnir's first comment.)

Make more sense now?

See Fafnir in Night of The Lepus!

Jog: Moe? I'm just curious to your reaction, in retrospect, to the relevant portions of that thread.

My reaction? That fafnir is a very, very, interesting sort of fellow that goes places where I may not follow - in that special Dune sense, yes.

And that the bunnies means something. I would seek it out, but I don't the SAN to burn. ;)

Posted by: Moe Lane at November 25, 2003 06:34 PM: OK, fafnir, I clicked through to your blog, and I'm going to concede defeat in this weirdness contest right here and now; I'm both outclassed and faintly envious. :)

"My name is Ozymoedias, blogger of blogs,
Look on my posts, ye mighty, and despair..."

Don't think that it wasn't painful to admit, Anarch. I prided myself on doing that to people, not having it done to me. :)

It is all true I admit it! I am a closet stuffed bunny.

But I am also a penny-farthing bicycle. And an antique carousel. And the upper peninsula of Michigan.

I am very proud to have been outed by a blogger as brilliant as Gary Farber I have to say. It woulda sucked if this had hung around until say Mickey Kaus figured it out.

"And that the bunnies means something."

Of course it means something, Moe. It means that Fafnir is a bunny. He's specifically the bunny whose picture I published.

Really, you're making this unnecessarily complicated to think it means more.

It's possible a picture of Giblets just might surface in the future.

Hmm. Update: I now have a picture of Giblets, as well. Unfortunately, it's really so blurry that I'm doubtful it's worth posting. As properly cropped, it would mostly look like an extremely blurry close-up of a relative of Fafnir. And mostly it would consist of two human hands holding Giblets.

No wonder, indeed, that Giblets developed that Napolean complex.

I dunno. I may do it just for the heck of it, so people have some clue whom they are bowing to.


By the way, I think the Kerry campaign should let Fafnir, Giblets, and the Medium Lobster take over the Kerry Blog for a full day.

I'd just like to go on record to say that I had mistakenly thought some of the posts on Fafblog were brilliant satirical allegories, quite the finest rebuttals I'd read to various memes and news stories on the Web.

However I think now I've been reading too much into things. Motorbike memos have nothing to do with torture memos. Overexposure to political blogs and news stories makes me read too much into the slightest thing.

Good grief, is it really only 4pm in America? (Looks out of window) But it's dark out there!

All may now watch Fafnir and Giblets dance here. Tell your friends!

"Good grief, is it really only 4pm in America?"

No. Only in the midwest. I'm (checks) 911 miles (1466 km) (792 nautical miles) from Chicago, which is an hour away by time zone, Midwest/Rocky Mtn.

From Wast Coast Time, two hours later from me, I'm 1629 miles (2621 km) (1415 nautical miles) from NYC.

From West Coast time, an hour earlier, I'm 844 miles (1358 km) (733 nautical miles) from Los Angeles.

Won't bother with Hawaii or Alaska.

James, you're five hours later than East Coast time, seven hours later than me.

"Good grief, is it really only 4pm in America?"
No. Only in the midwest.

Er, yeah, sorry, I was actually aware of the different timezones in your glorious Workers' Revolutionary Republic... it was just amusing to me to see the timestamp and have darkness outside.

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