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August 30, 2004


right, I'm game geeking and nobody cares.

I do! :)

[And I'll bet I'm not alone, either...]

C'mon, Moe, you're way behind. Of course my Significant Otter has already been out there buying the baby a plushy, cuddly d20. ("But Rivka, it's educational!") Bad habits begin in the cradle.

Of course, I'm doing my own part to define the right path - Baby's First Science Fiction Convention is coming up this weekend. The question is not, "will our baby be a geek?" It's "which flavor of geek will our baby be?"

I care about the gaming geekiness.

Yes, Jennifer, but you have ulterior motives*. :)


*Although, before you ask... I can't go back to the List; I never left it.

I say no more on this.

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