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July 24, 2004


I think we should all chip in for some anger management classes for O'Reilly. Based on how forcefully he was wagging his finger right in Glick's comparatively zen face, poor old Bill's blood pressure must be astronomical, and that's a one-way ticket to heart disease.

If we're graphing things out, my political views are probably as close to Bill O'Reilly's as they are to any telepundit.

What the heck are his views? He just strikes me as a pandering pimp... oh wait, not that you're a [cough] lawyer [cough] pandering pimp. ;-)

I'm serious though, I don't think that guy has a compass as much as a wet finger.

I'm more or less with Macallan on this, though I have to qualify by noting that I don't have cable tv, and have only seen a smattering of O'Reilly's show; my impression of him primarily comes from his writings, transcripts, and his occassional appearances elsewhere on tv.

But his chief view seems to be I Am A Great Big Man (who pretends to be one of you little people: admire me!). His number one secondary view seems to be Shut Up, Stupid! And his tertiary view seems to be I Am Always Right.

When Farber and Macallan are aligned, how can I disagree?

I was hoping that someone could tease out some actual O'Reilly views, actually, for some sort of wildly idealistic reason, I guess.

It's clear he has some sort of self-image as a brave, truth-telling-to-power populist, preserving the Goodness of a Latter Day.

I still don't know what that boils down to, policy wise; perhaps I should read his book.

It still wouldn't, of course, change his appalling public behavior (why this man deserves to be treated as a more serious political commentator than Jerry Springer, I don't know, but the same may be said of Limbaugh, Moore, Rall, and other evil clowns).

Incidentally, I strongly object to characterizing lawyers, as a class, as "pandering pimps."

I think that's offensive, and entirely unjustified. And did I mention "offensive"?

I think the practicing of law is entirely honorable, and the fact that there are practioners who are not honorable merely means that the practice of law does not enoble any more than any other work.

Would this be a good time to trot out my extensive collection of lawyer jokes?

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