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July 15, 2004


I vote no. My main gripe about Redstate is the avalanche of posting. Who has time to sort through all that? Each one is getting only a sprinkle of comments/discussion.

Second the Monk. Quit posting on redstate. The problem with group blogs is the risk of group-think. (Real group blogs, that is, as opposed to Obsidian Wings, which is a collection of individuals.)

I was hoping redstate would come out like a conservative version of American Street. I fear it may end up more like a conservative version of Kos.

I mean, after all, who really gives a damn about Joe Wilson's dotted i's? His original NYTimes op-ed can hardly be considered controversial *now*, if you actually go read the thing. He says that there's very little evidence that Iraq is any kind of immediate danger. It's exactly what Colin Powell and Condi Rice were saying in 2000.

Since when did shooting the messenger become such an important literary pastime?

I'm not sure I can read Red State (some of the commenters there make me see, er, well, Red).

So I'd welcome having you post the same pieces here (it might be an interesting ongoing project to compare the threads).


Moe, first don't worry about "group think", the Red State posters aren't going to rub off on you. I see no reason not to post the same article in both places.

Maybe you can post at Red State first, incorporate some of the comments (in order to help Edward expand his horizons) and then repost at wings.

Finally, more posts on Joe Wilson would be greatly appreciated. :)

in order to help Edward expand his horizons

I thought that was your job Timmy ;p

Edward, nice comment over at Red State on George W. Bush. Maybe you could do a post on it.

As for expanding your horizons Edward, it takes a Village or does it take the Village People, whatever. :)

Post both--different audiences. That is what I do with my own site--everything goes there, some of it shows up here. I assume I can get away with it because I have a different audience for each. (Well truthfully there is an audience here, and just some random people who got lost and I won't let out over there.)

So, if anybody's got a serious suggestion along those lines [...] in the opinions of those already doing something similar.
I do, and I am, and I'll let you know when my brain is less occupied with "foot-hammer-ow." (M.C. Hammer could have been ever so much more creative with gout, in my private fantasy world.)

I would say reproduce redstate posts here if they fit the tone of this blog, such as interesting discussions of issues, and don't if they are wholly devoted to that site's tone of actvism. But I like reading you and doubt I'll be reading redstate much, so feel free to post.

I'm good with cross-posting. I glance at the headlines over at Red State, but don't read many articles unless they're by one of my favorites (Tacitus, Moe), or has a really sensational headline.

Oh, and have the Red Staters realized that the addition of a hammer and sickle on the right side of the masthead wouldn't be out of place? I mean, the site has great design and all, but man, it looks like Moscow on May 1st.

Oops. Make that "... unless they're by one of my favorites (Moe, Tacitus)..."

I think I'm in the minority in reading both regularly, so I get a weird echo effect when I see Sebastian's posts reposted here. Might not be long term, though. Since RedState design makes my EYES BLEED and the GOGGLES DO NOTHING. If anyone design-handy is listening, please add a buffer around the central column and cut the number of border lines by like half.

Post to both.

Anyone who regularly reads both Redstate and ObWing can learn the fine art of skimming: further, I suspect the comments will be utterly different on each blog, and feel certain that anyone who enjoys your posts will also enjoy the differing discussions that result.

I'm not planning to read RedState. On the other hand, given the list of regular contributors, if I were, you'd probably be the main reason for doing so. ;-)

Post to both, I'm not reading there anymore.

I hopped over to Redstate only to be greeted by the phrases:

...anti-family cabals for whom contraception is an intrinsic virtue...


...conservatives have captured issues of uplifting the poor and protecting the defenseless (think vouchers, think abortion) that should by dint of stereotype be liberal...

Both of these phrases were written by one of the more thoughtful conservatives I know in a post about AIDS of all subjects. I quickly realized that building ideological bridges was nowhere on the agenda.

Heh, I'm strongly pro-family and I believe contraception (as a part of comprehensive reproductive health care) is one of the keys to uplifting the poor. I guess I'll have to start my own cabal.

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