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July 29, 2004


I really, really hate the legal tradition of treating corporations as people. I base this in no sound legal reasoning, but only in the fact that I have a fairly good notion of what a person is and what rights a person deserves, and corporations are a fat middle finger to that notion.

I really, really hate the legal tradition of treating corporations as people.

I'm pretty sure Professor Bainbridge would agree -- but that doesn't change the legal tradition.

Von, how long is this tradition? for some reason i thought this was a more recent phenomenon but you would certainly know this arena better than I.

just remembered i saw something recently about this in "The Corporation", a very interesting documentary . There was a case profiled that changed the way the courts viewed Corporations and i thought it was within my lifetime, hence my question.

It's my understanding that a corporation is entitled to the rights of a person, and quite frankly, I'm not aware of any rights people have that could be considered superfluous in a corporate context.

But designating a corporation as a minority is absurd. How do they intend do determine the minority status of corporations, precisely?

Why by the racial status of its mother and father of course! Judged by the 'one drop' rule I'm certain.

Corporations also have a gender, hair color, eye color and bone density dontcha know?

Haven't you heard of the hostile takeovers being prosecuted under the rape laws?


Freaking crazy 9th Circuit.

Von, how long is this tradition?

My recollection is that the "corporation as (unnatural) person" meme started in earnest right before the turn of the century. I could be way off, though.

That should be "turn of the last century [i.e., 1900]," of course.

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