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July 24, 2004


Overturned? I think not.

The courts have shown that they're perfectly happy to wipe their rear with any contract or agreement that says the man doesn't have to pay child support.

Child support doesn't work like anything else in the legal system; lies, fraud or criminal acts do not in any way remove the obligation to pay child support.

I don't think this will extend to anonymous sperm donation, since it would kill the AI industry dead and I don't think the courts would want to see that. But as for non-anonymous sperm donation, you better be darn sure the woman or family you're donating to is financially secure or you could end up on the hook.

Stupid ruling, remind me not to donate to that lesbian who asked.

Stupid ruling? Remind me to introduce you to the thousands of suffering kids whose mother's don't receive child support anyway. And you want to allow a rule that allegedly verbal contracts can do away with child support obligations.

Although I don't know, I suspect that children fathered from a sperm bank are governed by some sort of statutory exemption regarding child support.

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