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July 09, 2004


Thanks for all the posts and the information they hold, Katherine. Keep fighting the good fight.

You'll be missed, Katherine. You're probably the most well-spoken, thoughtful and intelligent liberal voice I've encountered on the internet. I recognize that RL has its pulls on time and attention (as it has, increasingly, for me), but OW will be a lesser blog in your absence.

...and also what Slarti said, which I agree with, Katherine. I question your judgement in supporting Arsenal, but we all have our faults.

OW will be a lesser blog in your absence.

I agree. You'll always have a place back here. (And great post.)

Please keep me posted on your career -- should you need a lawyer to help out on a pro bono matter in Indianapolis, please also consider dropping me a line. I'd be honored to participate.*


*Though I can come off as a relative conservative, most of my past pro bono work has been on behalf of the Lambda Legal Defense Fund, the Federal Defender program, and a legal aid clinic in Rogers Park (when I was practicing in Chicago).

Hey...I was just in Indy last week. Three times in a space of ten days, no less.

I consider this yet another missed opportunity for me to buy you a drink, von.

Although there's a lot on which we disagree there's agreement there, as well. And I always felt that I learned something from your posts. Stay.

Von, I'm going to be leaving Japan for two weeks in August, during which time I'll be staying with my folks in Martins-tucky. It's not like we're old pals; but if you're up for a drink, I'll buy it. (I can't be expected to endure two uninterrupted weeks in Morgan County, after all.)

Also, it goes without saying that Katherine will, once again, be sorely missed. That real life thing is really inconvenient.

Katherine, I was just taking heart from what seemed to be a recent increase in posts. I'd echo what others have said especially Slartibartfast (!), and only add that often I've found that your posts articulate what I'm thinking better than I ever could.

Good luck with everything-- we can always use a good lawyer.


You and the post, K.

I miss you already.

The subject of this post, as brilliantly as you've researched, considered, and written about it, quite literally scares the hell out of me. My partner, who's recently got his real estate license, is all over Manhattan taking photos of apartments his brokerage is trying to rent, and the thought of him being caught up in such a scenario terrifies me. As you note, it's not likely, and all his documents are in perfect order (he's quite careful about all that), but the idea of some overzealous cop in Brooklyn slamming him up against a wall during a questioning session is a bit more than I can contemplate without becoming blind with rage.

The fact that I should even have to worry about that at all, here in the United States, is perhaps the saddest commentary on our national reaction to 9/11 that I can think of. Sure there are worse things (we live mere blocks from the WTC, we're among the lucky ones), but as you note, when the bar had been so much higher, it's hard to find solace in the idea that we're still nowhere near as brutal as al Qaeda.

Katherine, you will be sorely missed here. Your posts were elegantly written and beautifully researched. More than that, your heart shone through in your words. Please tell me that you'll still be visiting occasionally and commenting. And the best of luck in all your endeavors.

Thanks for all the insightfull posts Katherine. I do hope that 'no more posts' does not equal 'no more comment' since I appreciate your POV a lot.

We'll miss you, Katherine. Take care.


Er, I mean, you'lll be sorely missed. You've been playing an entirely different, much better, game than the rest of us.

Good Luck.

We've certainly had our disagreements, but you have always made me think.

You will be missed here.

Maybe, from time to time, some of Katherine's greatest investigative/research hits could be re-posted for those of us who will be going through withdrawal shortly.

Best of luck to her; hopefully her career takes her before larger and larger audiences.

What? You're leaving Obsidian Wings to the increasingly out-of-touch?
Who's going to push and prod them to get their boats of De Nile?
Edward can't do it alone ya know.

I'm only an occassional traveler here but you were a main attraction. You will be missed.

Good luck.

Thanks for all the kind words.

Comments too, I'm afraid. I've learned from experience that otherwise I spend more time going back and forth than I would on posts. I will still be reading. (I'm making an exception today, obviously.)

Edward: it occurred to me that this must be a fear of yours. I was furious that August, when this thing happened with my friend. Irrationally so; I knew racial profiling was happening and he came to no real harm. And him living in such a target rich neighborhood made the cops' jumpiness more understandable, but it also made me even angrier.

I think the situation is better now, as far as both the government policy and individual officers' level of anger. But everything is so secretive that it's hard to know for sure, and it will get worse again in the event of another attack....I assume he carries a business card; that should certainly help him show that it's for work.

Good Luck Katherine. You made me think and care about that on which you posted. See you round the comments campus I hope.

Comments too, I'm afraid. I've learned from experience that otherwise I spend more time going back and forth than I would on posts. I will still be reading. (I'm making an exception today, obviously.)

Aarrgh. You're twisting the knife, now. But you gotta do what you gotta do. Best of luck with everything.

p.s. to Slarti and Ryan -- Drinks are always welcome and needed. Drop a post when you're in town; we'll chat.

Best wishes. You will be missed.

Why is Fair Katherine departin'?

I'm bummed. She wuz just starting to learn 'bout the Venona Papers and the evils of Communism:)

Best wishes, of course, to Miss Katherine, and we wish her continued success!

Thanks for the great posts, Katherine, especially for the work you did in making the Arar case known south of 49 degrees latitude.

And this, too, was a wonderful article. Good luck with your future work, whatever it may be.

Never say never, Katherine. If something strikes you, then write about it already.

Here's the permalink to the NY Times article.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo come back Katherine come baaaaaaaaaack

Katherine you were the best. You were always able to remind us how important it is for a free country not to torture and kill the innocent out of stark raving terror. It should be such a simple thing to remember and no many people keep forgetting it somehow.

I'll think about you next week when Im out sellin vaccuum cleaners for John Kerry.

I'm an infrequent commentor here, especially when threads get this long, and, indeed, this repetitive, but you're missed already, Katherine.

I leave the Internet for a couple of weeks and this happens? There really is no justice...

Best of luck, Katherine. You'll most definitely be missed.

link to the original NYTimes piece (in case the Kennebunk paper needs to free some disk.

Damn. Sorry to hear it.

Katherine, please do pop in from time to time; you're one of my "read on sight" bloggers. I know how much time law school and its aftermath can consume, but it would be nice to see your stuff at least occasionally.

Either way -- best of luck.

Doug M.

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