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July 16, 2004


"Blitzed" is a relative term, but when I use it, it necessarily means that I'm not going to be able to endure the possibility of Howler Monkeys, screeching birds, etc. the following day.

Consequently, I'd opt for the Smithsonian. Then again, I'd probably choose that one regardless.

Have fun.

Quick Moe...

How many fingers do I have up?


of those 2 i would vote for the Smithsonian but if you have a huge hangover then i would suggest the National Gallery as it's quieter.

I recommend waking up naked in the reflecting pool.

Two key words for hangover time: air conditioning.

Hangover? Bah! I am old and crafty in the ways of sin, my droogies: half a gallon of water, one multivitamin and two painkillers have kept me safe and secure. :)

But we shall go with the Smithsonian, nonetheless; the consensus thus far appeals to me and NTITOI there are several supplemental reasons in its favor. Obliged...

Ah, but which Smithsonian? Air & Space? The other, new Air & Space? Natural History? American History? So many choices! I can usually spend 3-4 hours in a single museum, personally.

That's hefeweizen.

As I said, Sean, that post was written while Cheerfully Blitzed. :)

Actually, that was me. I posted a comment on his blog as him, once (it was a joke, ja?) and sometimes I accidentally pick that from the list of choices that fall down when I type "S".

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