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June 28, 2004


I always wonder how these groups work economically. Where these people get the money to buy a huge ranch, build dormitories, etc.? Do they plan on having jobs after they move?

First, I knew a low-level polygamist, (2 wives, looking for a third). He (and his wives) were careful in who they looked at for wifehood. The less skilled wife took care of the children (of all the wives) and the more skilled worked as did he. And, to answer Oberon's question, they were always on the lookout for a possible wife with money already via inheritance, trust, company bonus, stock or 401k plans.

Second, I recently picked up The Bookseller of Kabul. It has very interesting stories about women's lives in Afghanistan, from a middle-class (and therefore much less depressing than in the movie Osama) viewpoint. Still, those women's lives are not their own.

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