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June 29, 2004


Doh, I just exploited an open thread to comment on this.

Summary: Bloc Quebecois not Conservative. Nearly every piece of their platform other than the defining Quebecois Independence (which isn't particularly lib/con) is distinctly liberal (environment, public health care). Why they keep getting lumped in with the Conservatives is beyond me. . probably because the press is a pack of idiots. Also, Duceppe looks like a freakish Dana Carvey.

"...probably because the press is a pack of idiots."

This is possibly the one statement in the known universe that I'm reasonably sure that everyone reading this would be in at least general agreement with.


Right. At least, that's my opinion, eh?

I suspect that the most common reason for assuming that the Bloq is conservative is because the original party was made up of Quebecois MPs who split from Mulroney's PC government over, over, ... well, I forget. The Meech Lake accord?

Watched 30 minutes of CNN headline news to see how deeply buried the election results were. Wasn't mentioned. I did see coverage on the local Seattle news, but all it said was that the Canadian gov't that wouldn't support the Iraq War was re-elected. Nothing about the minority government, which I suspect must be a pretty foreign (sorry) concept to Americans.

Oh, sorry, in my previous post "PC government" == "Progressive Conservative", the former name of the main conservative party in Canada. An amusing oxymoron to some of us.

Perhaps we could call the former PC party pre-emptively progressive compared to the post-merger Conservative party.

Well, in case any American politicians want to learn from Stephen Harper's biggest campain mistake:

Do not issue a press release saying that your opponent supports child pornography and then retract it an hour later. It will make you look both mean-spirited and incapable of managing a campaign office (let alone an entire government) and you will do much worse than people were predicting only a week before the election.

Actually a very interesting result. The Liberals have a minority government but the NDP (social democrats) have fallen one seat short of being able to create a combined majority with tbem. Therefore no way to cut a long-term support deal. Not a stable situation at all.

But in an odd way it may become a stable government. The Liberals may be able to depend on their arch enemies the Conservatives to support them on fiscal bills if they continue the existing pattern of running surpluses, reducing debt, not increasing spending too much and trimming the odd tax here and there. And both the NDP and the Bloc will support social bills that lean left (increase health care funding, a national child care program etc.) This balancing act of leaning right on the fiscal side and left on the social side actually will suit Paul Martin perfectly I'd guess. Will he be adroit enough to carry it off though?

Cadman finds himself in an interesting position, no?

"This balancing act of leaning right on the fiscal side and left on the social side actually will suit Paul Martin perfectly I'd guess."

Lordy be. . Canadia's becoming a Libertarian enclave! I'm packing my bags.

Canadia's becoming a Libertarian enclave! I'm packing my bags.

The Libertarians got less votes than the Marxist-Leninists. The Dope Party (I only call it that 'cause I can't spell marijuana) got more votes than the above two combined.

I don't see why the New Dems should only be satisified by pushing the Liberals to the left "on the social side", the main difference between the two parties is economic philosophy.

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