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June 29, 2004


[I'm claiming superuser right to delete this comment; I'm currently just the tiniest bit itchy-titchy to get work done so as to make dinner on time - slow-cooked roast beef, you understand - so I'm a bit terse right now.]

"I can't think of what to say,
I've lost my ability to rhyme.
Laura, January 20, 2005 is the day
We go live in Crawford full time."

Laura: That Jacques Chirac is just so dreamy.

Wet Willy?

I don't get it. Looks like a straightforward family photo.

Let's do the dog-dropping one.

straightforward family photo?

In Stepford, perhaps. It looks like he's adjusting her head.

Link to dog-dropping one?

I'm not complaining, exactly. But for as much as they cost, I thought the RealDolls would be a little foxier.

"Link to dog-dropping one?"
Old news, but still funny.

"In Stepford, perhaps"
I'll go all CSI on you and point out that his fingers really aren't sinking in, so he's not applying much pressure. I'd interpret it as affection. And I like his tie. Never let it be said I can't compliment Bush on those rare occasions when he (or his wardrobe consultant) does something well.

Dernit ... I know that "compassionate conservative" switch is around here somewhere ...


Listen to Sidereal. I don't like feeling sorry for you.

"I know Air Force One makes you nervous so I'll do that Spock thing."


Never noticed you roasting anyone who posts inane Dean or Gore shots while explicitly urging ridicule.

I vote for the Stepford connection on this photo.


It’s a shame that Tacitus' archives are down, 'cause I could give you many examples, but you can go to Kevin Drum and see one.

Oops sorry for the misspelling of the name.

There's an old saying in Tennessee-- I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee-- that says "gee, your hair smells terrific."

how about some necking with the wife!


Folks letting off a little steam over a funny photo should be the least of your worries. Is this high-class blogging at its best? Hardly.

But then neither was your "Gore...whatever" post. Had I not framed this as comic relief your "I don't like feeling sorry for you" line might have been appropriate or even considerate. Given that I did, however, it seems a little passive agressive.

And just so no one assumes I'm being overy partisan here, let me note that I begged Bird Dog to repost the Gore firebreathing photo. It was funny.

Eh. Color me unimpressed with this as being even remotely helpful when it comes to attenuating the rancor in political discourse these days.

If this were Atrios or dKos, and the picture was of Bush making one of his inimitably goofy faces, I'd be unsurprised and probably chuckle over it. But it's just a picture of Bush and his wife. And this is ObWi.

Alright...alright....clearly my love of goofy photos (of folks either party) is an acquired taste. Forget the caption contest...



Actually I was being sincere. When hatred makes people start to "see" into an innocent photo things that really aren't there it gets a little worrisome. I remember telling several on my side to shitcan the pop-phsy analysis comments of the photo of the Clinton family holding hands during the Impeachment. Sometimes a cigar is just cigar and all.

As to this being analogous to the Gore shot? Family photo versus a guy begging for face time? Find a photo of Bush making goofy as president or on the stump; you've got a point. Here ya don't.

Sorry if you thought I was being too snarky*, but I was just trying to give perspective.

BTW Edward,

I must disagree that the "whatever" post is not high class blogging. Good blogging, in my view, is treating a subject with the appropriate relevance and depth. Mission accomplished!



I think anyone who can't see the Stepford-ness in that photo is deluding themselves. The question then would be, why.

They look goofy. He looks like he's trying to control her head. I'm not saying he is, or that a nanosecond later this would not have been a very touching family portrait, but at the precise moment the photo was taken it looks like he's trying to adjust her head and she's oblivious to it.

Honestly, pretending you can't see that begins to look silly.

OK, back to worrying about you.


Of course you can project that image on the photo, just be honest enough with yourself to understand that it is an active choice.

Look, this is not the result of furtively paging through the Bush family snapshots. It is a posed photo--a photo op, even--for the press, at a diplomatic reception. In which the First Lady does indeed look androidish. Which does not--and this is crucial--imply a belief that she is actually an android. My husband says, and most of my immediate family agrees, that it photos of me at around the age of 6 months, I look like a German chancellor. They have occasionally hummed "Deustchland Uber Alles" during slide shows. I was pretty sure they do not believe I was a German chancellor with imperialist designs as a 6-month-old, but perhaps I'd better email them and clarify, and maybe throw in a lecture about coarsening our family discourse.

They look goofy. He looks like he's trying to control her head.

Oh, muppetshite. I touch my fiance like that all the time; she happens to have a sensitive neck.

Mac, pen in a red-letter day, I'm /defending/ Bush.

OK, back to worrying about you.

Who said irony was dead?

One question for you. Do you think the Bushes would select that exact photo for their personal album?

I'll pose the same question to you then Catsy.

Would Bush select that photo for his personal album?

Err Katherine,

I'm not suggesting that Edward thinks the first lady is an Android…

On the caption contest thing, I have a rather a bit of talent on that front, and can easily come up with many funny images from that photo or any other one for that matter. In order to do so you have to be able to "see" into images. Of course you can see a "stepford" angle, but if anyone's *first* impression of that photo is 'oh my God, that's f***ing hilarious' it really says more about them than it does the photo.

And...I'm still waiting for the answer to my very simple question, which, I believe, will clear this all up.

Would the Bushes choose that photo for their personal album? And if not, why not?

Would Bush select that photo for his personal album?

I guess that depend on a couple of factors:

Whether or not Laura likes it when he touches her neck that way, whether or not they think they look goofy, and whether or not that is his hand!

You're working awfully hard to make it look like this photo isn't funny Mac.

By the way, I'm not the only one who thought it was.


Good, I see you've rediscovered your sense of humor.

Never lost it.

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