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June 14, 2004


You're a rock star, Katherine, an unsung (or rather, inadequately-sung) hero of the Net. Would that you didn't have such terrible material to work with; but given the situation, I'm very, very glad it's you that's on the ball.

I stand in admiration of all your hard work and the facts you dig up! Obviously I am less thrilled by the content - to say the least. Since saying more would get my into uncivil ranting I'll refrain from commenting, but I did want to express my appreciation for your blogposts.

As a British subject, and therefore irrelephant, can I urge those who agree with Katherine, von, and - well, I don't notice anyone really disagreeing with them, so, everyone - to kick up a stink with your elected representatives about this whole matter?

My elected representatives are Republicans who would just as soon bring torture home and use it on liberals.

Something more effective is required here.

jeez, it's almost like you belong at the Cantab Legal Institute or something.

""The CIA asked the White House for legal guidance. The White House asked Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel for its legal opinion on the standards of conduct under the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhumane and Degrading Treatment or Punishment."

I clicked to the CIA's 'war' on the bush admin when they demanded an investigation of the Plame thing, I felt at the time that the one group you do not want to piss off is the CIA. This seems to me to be exactly that.

Pure art of war, let your enemy defeat himself, leak it.

Remember, the demand re Plame, and the pullout of the CIA's interrogators at abu grayib occured at about the same time.

And yes, I did read the FTW piece.

My jury's out on that.

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