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May 14, 2004


"although neither of them are going to vote for Senator Kerry"

Jeez - I think the third-party choices are actually way worse than the incumbents - perhaps you could urge your folks to at least vote for Bush on this rabid Democrat's behalf.

Hehe, my loved one made the mistake of introducing me to Sullivan a while back and, while he's no longer an every day read, blogging, er, make that commenting on the wonderful blogging of others, has stuck to me. Its kinda like an electronic tarbaby.

More to the point, I'm willing to bet that at least half of us have loved ones who just generally don't give a flying leap

Mine calls blogs my "bullshit websites" and I'd better make this comment and get offline before my beloved gets back and finds I haven't made the room up yet.

happy weekend all!

The lefty side says hi to your parents!

This is why you have to marry someone equally as nerdy as yourself. My husband and I blog together.

"It's the condition where you gain reassurance (via an act of communication) that you really aren't nuts, because other people react to what you're communicating in an emphatic way."

"Feedback" is too obvious?

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