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May 27, 2004


What RPG? What campaign or world? We RPG geeks need details, Moe, details!

GURPS IOU - and if any of you know what that means, I'm mildly impressed. Not as much as if I was running GURPS IN IOU, but still. :)


I bestow upon ye the oft-maligned but fantastick Bucknard's Eversearching Search Function of Brilliance.

I last GURPSed in high school -- sounds like the aftermath of an awful kegger, doesn't it? -- which was pre-IOU, I believe, but I did run a Paranoia campaign that strikes me as similar in spirit, though not dressing, as IOU.

Good times, people. Good times.

Good times, indeed. I can't resist adding that the "new" D&D rules and the open source gaming thing are absolutely brilliant. Best. System. Ever?

"Best. System. Ever?"

Nay, sir. Nay.
Best system ever.

"If we're missing sites that link to us"
Hook it up, baby!

"Hook it up, baby!"

Well, hell, man, why didn't you say something?


GURPS? Moe, you're a VRWC hellbeast. You've got to stop giving me reasons to have you as a friend.

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