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May 09, 2004


well moe, there's only one that has me singing his stuff incessantly although he's not brand new (3 cd's) and that is Rufus Wainright. He absolutely knocks me out. Try the newest "Want 1" as he's a poet with a real knack for melody. David Byrne has Rufus on his new CD as well (singing opera of all things, and at least Rufus acquits himself). I have this thing for people who write their own stuff. He's the real thing.

Loudon Wainwright once wrote a song about his son called "Rufus Is A Tit Man". Turns out he isn't. But wilfred's absolutely right about the music, Great, swooning pop.


- Damien Rice. (Irish ballad folk with more edge then usual)
- Caetano Veloso (Brazilian treasure, sings a CD of famous pop standards)
- James McMurtry (Dad's not a bad novelist either, a little country, a little folk, very mordant sense of humor)
- The Frames (most popular band in Ireland, impassioned folk that veers into impassioned rock, 'Set List' may be one of the better live albums I've ever heard, like all great ones, it makes you wish you were there. Tho' you'd have to sing along with every lyric if you were.)

Thanks for the Mother's Day nod. Cheers.


Rufus and I were both born tit men, we just happened to grow out of it! Pec men, anyone?

Was in the mood for a new CD (is moe psychic?) and now i think Damien Rice will be the purchase du jour. I already love Caetano Veloso (if anyone needs to be convinced, that's Caetano in "Talk to Her" singing "Paloma"). If Damien works for me i'll move down that list. Thanks!

As for me, I've been giving "the Love Below," disc 2 of the latest Outkast album, another listen. It's way less hip-hop and way more Prince/P-Funk/Stevie Wonder than you'd expect, and "Hey Ya" sounds even better as part of the narrative thrust of the whole album.

Also on frequent play in my mental and car stereos is "I'm the Man," by Joe Jackson, which is nearly as old as your humble commentor.

Decemberists. Edgy folk-rock, Byzantinely sad lyrics.

I'm listening a hell of a lot to the latest Tortoise now, but it's mostly out of habit and respect for their prior work. The latest is not the greatest, so to speak. (Review here; I agree.)

And if my good friend ThanatosandEros* is around, he could recommend some excellent older Celtic folk and, yes, even music with bagpipes.


*Not his real name, obviously. Though, if you want to really screw up your kid, I suppose naming him or her ThanatosandEros would be a good start.

Shout out to Harley for recommending the new Toots and the Maytals CD awhile back. It's not like it's new, edgy stuff or something, it's just Toots. And Toots rules! Of course doesn't hurt to throw in Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Trey Anastasio, Ben Harper, Willie Nelson, Roots, and the list goes on! Killer Album.

PS - any of the live Widespread Panic albums will blow your mind, they just rock.

Well, you had to mention bagpipes at the end...

They aren't "new", but for great bagpipes, I'd recommend any CD by The Tannahill Weavers. Lots of piping, traditional Scottish fiddle, etc. For "musical aptitude", it doesn't get much better. You'll have to navigate some occasionally heavy scottish burr on the lyrics, but hey; it's worth it.

Harley mentioned the "Kill Bill 2" soundtrack a few days ago over at your blogfather's. The wife and I went to see it last weekend, and as usual, the musical selection is great. So that will be my next CD.

I hope all had a good Mothers' Day.

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