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May 28, 2004


I think it's premature to say that this is the end of Brandini. Just as Iraqis like to flex their independence muscles against the US, same goes for the UN. BTW, Allawi is a good solid choice.

Allawi is a good solid choice.

Can you explain a bit more about why?

Iraqi democracy in action such as it is. Interesting times.

On Allawi, I read something about him months ago and now I can't find it. Just trust me!

Just trust me!

My father taught me when I was 5 years old that anyone compelled to utter that phrase should immediately be viewed suspiciously.

Well, that was quick.

Allawi's picked
Must have been triggered by BD's endorsement.

hmmm, guess i underestimated what type of "diplomat" Brahimi is.

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