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May 14, 2004


Edward maybe you can incorporate this (Berg's encounter with 'terrorist' revealed)
into your story.

I don't know, man.

There's some really strange fiction out there.

Have you ever read Ulysses?

Have you ever read Ulysses?

Only about 1/3. Saving the rest for ...who am I kidding, short of being sent to prison, I'll never get around to finishing it.

They're forcing prisoners to read Ulysses? I've heard the penal system in this country is harrowing, but I didn't know it was that bad.


there are worse punishments.

Um, how does the FBI know Berg's college computer password?

The FBI knows everything, sidereal. Why do you ask -- are you worried? Was your college password "deathtoamerika" or something?

No, it was 'ifyoucanreadthisweliveinapolicestate'

While there is some disagreement about whether Zarqawi killed Berg, the current theory is leading to renewed interest in whether Bush should have implemented the three Pentagon plans to take out Kirma and Zarqawi before the war. As I recall, there were serious questions raised at tacitus.org about the practicality of doing so (getting the Kurds organized, difficult terrain). I don't know how to grep the old site - perhaps someone here does, or could recapitulate the discussion?


No, it was 'ifyoucanreadthisweliveinapolicestate'

Damn, must've taken you forever to log on.

One of my assignments in a college CS class was to write a password-guessing program. Besides trying all the entries in /usr/dict/words, we were encouraged to guess other possibilities. I had some good success with various obscene words and phrases.

As I recall, one result of that assignment was that the sysadmin for our VAXes decided to revoke read privileges on /etc/passwd from the general public.

If torture is reading "Ulysses" hook me up to the car battery and let's go.

No, most of this stuff is Pynchonesque.

More interesting stuff, Aljazeera has an article taken almost word for word from blogs questioning the video of his death.

"decided to revoke read privileges on /etc/passwd from the general public"

That's old school. These days everyone uses a shadow password file, readable only by root.

"...is later murdered by another notorious al Qaeda operative, Zarqawi."

Very badly reported story, because one thing Zarqawi -- a very evil man -- is not is al Qaeda. (Fuller link starts here.)

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