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May 10, 2004


It's wonderful that more people are realizing that Rumsfeld must go, but then so should Gen. Boykin. Just wish people would stop calling this a War instead of an Occupation, which is what it is. We did not declare War and the Iraqi people did not ask us to liberate them. In fact the most recent poll shows the majority wish us to leave now. As unsafe as they feel if we leave, they now feel more unsafe with us there. And if Holbrooke thinks this is unwinnable, he has my support as this Occupation has been a nightmare from the get-go and is getting worse every day. How could it have happened any other way when those in charge were expecting bouquets? A hundred thousand of us marching in NYC alone before the Occupation began were trying to tell them otherwise. It wasn't the smell of roses in the air, it was the scent of disaster.

"Staying the course" when the nose of your plane is pointed at a mountain does not strike me as a prudent policy.

One thing that might be helpful is if someone could point out what a new course might look like.

Well, Sebastian, this is your blog as much as anyone's: why don't you post inviting people to contribute their ideas for a new course for Iraq?

If the discussion happens here, it'll focus on the negative things that have to happen first - get rid of Rumsfeld, get rid of Boykin, get rid of Bush, get rid of Cheney, get rid of Wolfowitz, etc.

Start a new post for positive proposals like the one Tac did six months ago. Suppose that in one fell swoop the entire administration is got rid of, leaving only "some guy" behind, who at least lacks all the baggage of Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz and so on, but is stuck with the problem of Iraq as it is right now, no fair going back to May 2003 and pointing out all the things that could have been done differently then. Given the authority to make real changes, what would you do?

I'm not being snide. I think that would be an interesting topic.

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