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April 29, 2004


I saw this there: "...the second part of our motto is BE DISCRETE!"

Wise advice. Being amorphous can be dangerous.

In a vague sort of way.

The article is a gem.

I saw this there: "...the second part of our motto is BE DISCRETE!"

I prefer my women to be continuous. Unless she meant discreet, in which case never mind.

Two reasons I love this blog: (1) Two people already made the point about discrete/discreet (2) Now I don't have to do it...

(Sorry, Gary. Edward's infectious.)

You're citing Edward's pet, which is named "infectious"?

What an odd name.


"McDonough is un-phased by this type of objection."

Sounds like Star Trek lingo to me...

Geez, nothing gets by you Grammar Gods, does it?


I tried a "take one for the team" effort to support the hard-won efforts of local swimsuit models, but those pinkos apparently weren't patriotic enough.

Somewhat surreal, this post.

What I love most about this concept is how it illustrates so clearly that puritanical "morals" are a wholly manufactured luxury by-product of a society with too much time on its hands. Making love to a soldier who's being deployed erases so much of the stigma of what would otherwise be promiscuous sex. Why? Because he/she may never return and all the importance of (read: fussiness about) what's "proper" pales in comparison.

(left Infectious at the vet's today.)

"Geez, nothing gets by you Grammar Gods, does it?"

Could be, but this is sixth-grade spelling, not grammar.

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