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April 30, 2004


I'd say the PR component of this occupation couldn't possibly get any worse, but then we'd probably end up pacifying the citizens of Fallujah by dumping VX gas on them. Therefore, I'll just note that it is currently very bad.

If I'd seen this in The Onion I'd have thought it was very funny.

Wolfowitz doesn't pay attention to current affairs in Iraq either.


This is one of the most moving things I've read about the US war dead in Iraq.
Worth reading.

Nightline is carrying on a tradition more than two centuries old tonight, as Ted Koppel reads aloud the names of those who have died in Iraq. It is remembering, with us, those who have died while serving the country. This is something that occurs outside of party affiliation, regardless of politics or protest. This is an American tradition. We are not an old country, as countries go. As an independent entity, only a couple of centuries; as a colonial entity, a couple more; before that, there are still memories and names and stories but few monuments. We are not borne down by the weight of our history yet, as older countries may be, but still new enough that every one of those names matters.

Maybe, like Veep Cheney, they only watch Fox News.

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