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April 16, 2004


Mind you, if Kerry ever voluntarily and explicitly declares that we're an imperialist country fighting an imperialist war, all of this flies out the window.

Yes, but will that be enough guarantee him the VRWC vote? ;)

I would say that Senator Kerry was not so much accepting Daum's major premise as choosing to sprint past it in lieu of telling the man that Daum was a barking moonbat.

And you gotta admit, it was a good sprint.

"And you gotta admit, it was a good sprint."

Oh, I'll readily enough grant that Kerry picked up rhetorical points for his use of 'sir' in his reply. Don't know how it sounded, but on print it worked pretty well.

Bear in mind that I don't agree with Kerry about handing anything over to the UN bureaucrats, but that's another issue entirely.

Hmmm...you might just be a bit out of sync with the Administration then Moe...looks like they're moving toward that...

U.S. Open to a Proposal That Supplants Council in Iraq

Good point. Sometimes bloggers forget that the world is not a blog. The first time a major public figure calls someone an "idiotarian," watch for projectile vomiting.

The question Edward, is what are they going to do with the interim constitution.

The question, Timmy, is whether the US can any longer "ensure" anything....

I read the article, Timmy...perhaps you can clarify your statement.

Eddie, you should go out an buy the NYT and read the article and then we can talk about "ensure" (not the drink)>

So you read the part about vetting?

I'm talking about this article Timmy...nothing about vetting* in there...which article you talking about.

*I assume you're refering to the fact that the US will be consulted on the caretaker government. If that's what you're gonna base your argument on, I'll start looking for the most expensive bar I can find now.

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