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April 20, 2004


Yglesias is a WASP, shock and horrors and how dare those Mexicans be social conservatives and they maybe even practicing Roman Catholics. But most of all, maybe someone should remind Matt that in a lot of western states, Spanish Common Law Rules.

This is dreadful. (To a writer, anyway.)

I thought Yglesias was Jewish?

Transparency Intl says at least 20% of our reconstruction money in Iraq is being lost to corruption, kickbacks, etc. Sounds like we're barely trying to compete.

Hear the Marketplace report (about 7 minutes in) which I think is fairly described as jaw-dropping.


The United States of America will be officially bilingual in both Spanish and English by the time I die of old age. (Shrug) Contra Huntington, my country's ideals translate quite well into other languages, thanks. Besides, we'll need to do it anyway if we ever want to politically unify this continent.


"if we ever want to politically unify this continent"

This imperialism stuff is getting out of hand. Anyway, we ain't the troops so Winnipeg and Juarez are just gonna have to wait their turn

"This imperialism stuff is getting out of hand."

Who said anything about imperialism? I was thinking of a nice federal republic, myself. We'll put the capital somewhere nice and warm - Nassau has a certain ring to it, don't you think? - and divide up the administrative stuff among the old national capitals. No troops; this is an amalgamation, not a conquest.

Anyway, we're gonna get something like this evolving out of NAFTA eventually, so we might as well plan ahead.


Pardon my French but you are a fuck wit. Yglesias is Hispanic Jew. Jewish on his mothers side and Hispanic on his fathers side. He isn't white anglo-saxon or protestant, at least I don't think he fits any of those categories.

Think next time before you recite your talking points. Timmy often recites talking points even when they have almost nothing to do with the thread topic.

"Pardon my French but you are a"

I see that I'm going to have to start reminding people of the profanity section of the Posting Rules again; this isn't the first banned word to have snuck in lately, but it's going to be the last for a while. Everybody comprende?

Sorry. Ignorance really annoys me hence the strong language. I don't see how a bad word is worse than complete lack of knowledge, but its your blog so I'll follow your rules.


It's all right, Andrew r: the policy is based off of the broken window theory, coupled with a desire on my part to not have my job's fairly hardnosed webblocking software ban my site from daytime viewing just quite yet. It's bad enough that I can't comment at my own site during working hours...

From a previous I think that Mr. Yglesias is the Hispano-Jewish equivalent of Ludwig Wittgenstein, i.e. 3/4 Ashkenazi Jewish and 1/4 Cuban (Galician Spanish prior to emigration). Wittgenstein was 3/4 Jewish and 1/4 Austrian German by ancestry.

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