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March 09, 2004


Thanks, thanks, thanks. However, the Lovely Deanna took great exception to any description of me that includes the word 'tired', 'happy' she doesn't mind. But for some reason she's not completely buying 'tired.' In fact, it is best that the word 'tired' be nowhere near my name in the immediate future. Thanks again.

As for political affiliation, cripes, I'm too worried about her dating to give it much thought. Is that premature?

Congrats, Harley. Here's a favorite poem by Thomas Lux which touches on your concern:

A Little Tooth

Your baby grows a tooth, then two,
and four, and five, then she wants some meat
directly from the bone. It's all

over: she'll learn some words, she'll fall
in love with cretins, dolts, a sweet
talker on his way to jail. And you,

your wife, get old, flyblown, and rue
nothing. You did, you loved, your feet
are sore. It's dusk. Your daughter's tall.

Phew. Came out from under my desk long enuf to read edited post. Much laughter and appreciation in the house. Can now return to normal, well, as normal as it gets around here, activity. And honestly, Moe. Thanks again.

"And honestly, Moe. Thanks again."

De nada: isn't there a saying about how it's always a mitzvah to celebrate a new life?

I'm too worried about her dating to give it much thought.

You'll become a big 2nd Amendment fan...

"Tess isn't ready just yet young man, but come on in and you can help me clean my vintage East German sniper rifle. I can do a clean shot from a quite a distance with this baby, and the guy wouldn't know until it's too late. Son, you look pale... hey! Where you running off to?"

What was that Bobcat Goldwaight bit... right:

Bobcat (looking at kid daring to date his daughter): How old are you?
Kid (annoyingly polite voice): 15, sir.
Bobcat: When I was your age I had cirrhosis.


OK, I don't know why that still makes me laugh, but it does.

Beautiful little girl Harley...must take after her mother, huh? (I know it's old, but never out of style).

A lucky man. Congratulations.

I've gotta tell ya. Most newborns are really not very attractive. Takes a few weeks for the features and cuteness to really set in. But she's beautiful. Congratulations.

Happy Birthday, Tess! :) And Happy Father's Day, sorta, Harley :)

Congratulations Harley, Tess is lovely obviously she takes after her mother.

See Moe you can take a picture of just the baby.

Harley, on dating just another period of life where you won't get much sleep. :)

Though the disadvantage of the second amendment is that you have to fend off all those psycho, gun toting kittens.

(Don't worry, it looks like he's really aiming at our Archives on the right menu).

She's just beautiful. And I'm not one who says that about every newborn. Mazel tov.

She's beautiful, Harley. Much health! May she have a long and happy life.

Katherine, looks like the cat's actually aiming at 'About Our Mascot', which is tremendously coincidental.

The cat needs a name, btw. You've got to have a name for the Mascot.

Oh, and cool kid, Harvey. Many, many congratulations. When's she going to start commenting here?

Congrats, Harley.

C'mon Harley, she doesn't look like Shemp. She's beautiful. Again, congrats. There's no other feeling than the one of seeing your child come into this world.

She is adorable Harley...Congrats to you and Deanna, and tell Tess there's a bevy of charmed bloggers out there delighted to welcome her to the world!

...but you are going to help her see the light about the supposed compassion in conservatism, right?

If it is in fact true that children select their political affiliation by rebelling against their parents, I'll be pretending to be a conservative, full-time, by her sixth birthday. It'll be hard. But whatever my daughter needs, I will provide.

Some of you guys may have to help me out on the finer points, tho'.

Sorry Harley, being a conservative is like being cool -- you just can't fake it. It's not just about ripping the heads off kittens or stealing food from old people, it's how you do it.

Congrats, Harley! The easy part's over, sadly.

being a conservative is like being cool

Who said Irony was dead?

Hey, I can steal food from old people with dash and elan, if that's what it takes. But, I thought all I had to do was display commemorative plates of Manuel Miranda and Doug Feith on the mantle. There's more?

Beautiful child, Harley.

As for the dating thing, buy a big mean over-protective dog, and make her take the dog with her on dates.*

Congratulations again to you and Deanna.

*Spoken as a father of daughters who are, thatn goodness, far too young to date yet.

Moe, yet another reason to thank you. Some people are apparently using tin cans for computers, or have hotmail accounts. I can't send them photos. But I can direct them to obsidian!!


Better Nate than Lever:

Beautiful girl. The lovely Deanna is wrong, you are tired

Seriously, congrats! Best to Deanna.

Whos's Nate? I know Lever Bros, witchery and all that..

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