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February 28, 2004


Traveling here from tacitus.org I can tell you the weather was fine and roads were clear and the smokies asleep behind the billboards.
Customs was a snap and the natives are friendly, tho reserved about strangers. Language less colorful but exterior decor quite brighter. And no cranky military types.

That's Pittsburgh to you, bucko.

Anyway, I live in the city. Whereabouts are you? Mt. Lebanon?

"That's Pittsburgh to you, bucko."


"Anyway, I live in the city. Whereabouts are you? Mt. Lebanon?"

McKeesport, apparently... which is apparently not quite 'just outside Pittsburgh', either. Hey, I drove the first half and let my girlfriend worry about the other. :)

Going to the Warhol Museum while you're in P,burgh, Moe?

There's an exhibit of good Brooklyn artists there at the moment...if you're looking for a way to kill some time...

"Going to the Warhol Museum while you're in P,burgh, Moe?"

Naah, this isn't a tourist jaunt, strictly speaking: we're engaging in a bit of housecleaning and grandmother-visiting. Not a hardship (I like my SO's grandmother), but not a footloose and fancy-free excursion, either.

I cant believe you left out my own travelblogging. I have been blogging from all over exotic foreign lands from around the world for the last few weeks it's true.

I have it on very good authority that Mac's Prague post was posted after he'd returned. He's probably one of those Luddites that ignores the 'net when he's on vacation. Arrogant bastard.

Just checked, 2.1 Mbs. Think thats the limit of the wireless router. Cable. Course spend a shade more than $15 a month

Thank you Moe Lane you remain the best.

Ah. McKeesport is lovely this time of year.

Actually, they recently put in this river center place in an old union hall by the water, and it's done a lot for the place.


SO's grandma has a better computer. LOL. Somehow that reminds me of "Granny Flash" in one of the Pink Panther cartoons. I hope she's not a hacker too, or we're all in trouble.

" I hope she's not a hacker too, or we're all in trouble."

No, but I'm seriously thinking of setting her up with a blog. :)

Sniff ... no love for ol' Chinablogging me, Moe?

Ahem. The funny thing about Tacitus' dispatches from abroad is that he tends to write his best stuff -- like the Rwandan remembrance -- long after he's returned. That man needs to get himself to grad school so he can hone that amateur talent into a real writing gig. (Move over, Tom Friedman.)

Must remember to never click on Fafnir's site while at work.

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