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February 08, 2004


Best of luck, Katherine.

I'll miss you being around

Thank you and good kuck

Thank YOU, Katherine.

Good luck. I predict blog hits will go sharply down now. Frankly, I don't even understand the rationale of this grouping. Katherine is the only sensible person who posts here. I won't be back now that she's taking a break.

Good bye, thank you and good luck! Hope to see you here or wherever in a few months time, but if not I'll presume the attractions of the real world have won out over blogging.

Wow. Going to be interacting with INS on a daily basis? Voluntarily? Ours is but to do and die. .

I fear without your stabilizing presence the blog is going to skew rightward. . and craziword.

"Dennis the Menace--8% in Washington? WTF?"

Not from around here, are you? :)

Good luck this semester and we'll be happy to have you back whenever you feel like showing up, Katherine.


Good luck, Katherine. You'll be missed.


Good luck, Katherine!

Does the timing of this decision secretly have anything to do with pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training in a little over a week? Who's going to do "Baseball Blogging" here, for cryin' out loud?


"Patriot Act II apparently authorizes treating naturalized citizens differently from U.S. born citizens, which would be a first in our history."
It's not technically unprecedented -- they've been barred from being President since day one.

Good luck with your non-blog exploits.

I'll miss reading your posts, and wish you success and satisfaction in the work you do. Kudos to Moe and Von for having the good sense to host you... hope you'll be back before too long!

Best of luck; I've gotten to enjoy your posts, and the Arar series really pushed the envelope of what unique strengths political blogs can provide.

Oh... bye Katherine... I'll miss you...!

Best of luck and hurry back Katherine. ObWings won't be the same without you...

Good luck, Katherine. You'll be missed.

Absolutely terrific work, especially on Maher Arar. I salute you and hope you'll return.

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