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February 24, 2004


Just a plug for Mark Kleiman, who I'm coming to consider one of the best bloggers around - eloquent and balanced. Here for example is a small Sister Souljah moment that made me reconsider my anticipation of a certain story.

If you would, put Kleiman on the more-than-one blogroll. I've been contemplating adding him to mine for some time. He's excellent.

Sheesh, I detest the NEA, and think that teacher's unions are one of the main causes of our educational malaise, but even hinting at the word 'terrorist' with respect to them is completely ridiculous.

Re running for Prez -- not if Arnold has his way.

Oh, and Kleiman's great, but also a little coy re Stuff You Don't Know. The gov rumor is the latest. A couple weeks ago it was the Bush Rumor From Reliable Sources That If True Makes Him Unfit For Office.

All things in time, I guess.

Agreed that Paige deserves criticism.

But why is Kerry getting a pass?
Via Drudge (no link, front page now):

As Democrats express outrage over comments made by Education Secretary Rod Paige [he called the the nation's largest teachers union 'a terrorist organization'] a DRUDGE REPORT flashback can reveal Democrat presidential frontrunner John Kerry Has Called Republicans 'legislative terrorists'... MORE... In Jan. 1996, commenting on the federal government shutdown, Kerry called the House Republicans 'legislative terrorists,' who used federal workers as pawns and disrespected them. Asked about his terrorist comment, Kerry explained, 'Terrorists hold hostages, and the Republicans are holding the government hostage'...

Oh, and Kleiman's great, but also a little coy re Stuff You Don't Know. The gov rumor is the latest.

Harley, if you really want to know the governor rumor, I'll be happy to fill you in, but I tend to agree with Kleiman that that sort of thing really doesn't have any place in the discourse. If you feel that way, you're in a difficult spot, since it's hard to talk about how that sort of thing shouldn't be done without getting specific. So I don't hold it against him.

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