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February 04, 2004


I think the Ninja's problem was that he didn't flip out enough.

I mean, ninjas are always flipping out!

I thought he was totally sweet!

I dunno. He did not always impress me with his ninja powers. But we could have always used another* ninja in the white house and for that I will regret his passing.

*Our last ninja president was Grover Cleveland I believe.

Integrity? I suppose so. Class? Not so much. Actually, not even a little.

Joe, thanks for your service. You are a class act. The rest should take lessons from you.

Compared to the current front-runner and the fringe candidate who screamed the loudest, Joseph Lieberman certainly did carry himself with the most class of any of the Democratic contenders.

Our last ninja president was Grover Cleveland I believe.

I feel certain that FDR was actually a ninja. Not sure when he managed to get time for the training, or how he managed to dash across rooftops unseen, but I feel certain that he found a way.

Abe Lincoln might not been a ninja, but I'm pretty sure he was a long-limbed kung-fu master, like Dhalsim from Street Fighter.

I'm gonna miss Joe, but seeing him campaign was painful to watch. It's better for him that he left the race with his dignity intact and a tinfoil hat not attached to his head (see Kucinich, Dennis).

Joe would have been a lot more appealling to me had he not sounded so bloody sanctimonious all the time. And his painting of his rivals (except for Kucinich, Sharpton, and Mosely-Braun) as extremists was stretching the truth at best.

But give the guy points: he did say he'd support the eventual nominee. I respect him for that.

Joe did say he'd support the eventual nominee - but not before repeatedly saying that a number of his colleagues would lose to Bush, and not before implying strongly that a few of them would be worse than Bush (that delightful "Dean recession" line).

Bits like that are what fuel the "not a real Democrat" sentiment towards Lieberman (totally unfounded, incidentally - he has a solid center-left record... except for his loony excursions into censorship). It's his shrill classlessness and left-baiting that have painted him as farther right than he actually is.

Von, I've never understood the appeal of this guy. I didn't like him as the veep candidate. (Losing a debate to Dick Cheney???) And I found it strange that he would spend more time criticizing the Democratic party than the Republicans during a race for the White House. Sure, it's important to do. But do it on your own time. The Democratic party gave the guy a foundation on which to run for president. And he spent his time trying to
undermine that foundation.

And is Lieberman really all that far to the right of Howard Dean? (Yes Dean is the "darling of the left", but that's because he's pugnacious, not because he's left. Dean's attacks on the Iraq war have been largely from the jeffersonian right.)

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