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February 17, 2004


Wow, the first comment on Edward's first post. I'm all tingly....

I'm all tingly....

I think CVS is having a sale on Cortisone. ; )

Edward, that was a fantastic post. Welcome aboard.


mazel tov. Between you and Michael N to defend the honor of the left side of the spectrum, now I really have no excuse for procrastinating here...

"now I really have no excuse for procrastinating here..."

Bah. Nothing wrong with a visit from time to time.

Katherine, we're keeping it warm for you. Go do good work with the immigration cases, and we'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Please procrastinate when you can Katherine...it's good for your soul and ours. And many thanks to you (and Von and Moe) for inviting me to interject the liberal point of view now and then.

Welcome, Edward!

Gawd, this could lead to some monumentally time-sucking exchanges. Not that I'm averse to that sort of thing. I'll do my best to keep it civilized, though.

It's good to see you have a place to call home, though. You really, really needed a place to do your own blog entries, because you obviously had a lot to say.

Welcome, again, and well met.



Thanks Slarti,

it's just a temporary guest slot, so you shouldn't cancel any future vacations...besides, I suspect I'll learn to be less verbose as time goes on.

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