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February 27, 2004


I liked the landscapes. Don't know why I prefer back-alley and NY tenement landscapes to purple mountain majesties or whatever, but I do. Saved to HD, in my rotation of 5000 as wallpaper. Thank you

Those are some evocative watercolors - compliments to your acquaintance friend, Edward. I once read some interesting stuff about the Civil War and photographs, analysis of some of the Matthew Brady & (John?) Sullivan prints which revolutionized war coverage.

It's interesting to see examples of reversal. We're so used to assuming war must be recorded photographically that to see it recorded in a slower, craft-based medium is a learning experience all in itself. Painting adds a human dimension that I'm not going to be able to describe adequately, except to say that I imagine showing his work to GIs and Iraqis probably allows Mr. Mumford access to thoughts & experiences these people would never reveal to a journalist.

Thanks, Ed.

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