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January 28, 2004


Franken vs. Novak! Franken was a wrestler! (And, as I recall, challenged one of the National Review writers; was it Goldberg?)

I bet twenty quatloos on Franken!

Franken: My eyes are flame! My heart is flame! I burn!



"I got down low and took his legs out," said Franken afterwards.

Okay, now I know that not everybody appreciates Franken's politics and humor, but you gotta admit, that's a pretty goddamn funny quote. That just made my day.

Hey, our Prime Minister (Jean Chretien) got into a fight with a protester a few years back. Well, more like grappled with him and threw him into the arms of his RCMP bodyguards.

Later that year, he defended himself against an intruder with an Inuit carving.

Tough little guy.

Chrétien was apparently notorious for getting into barfights in his youth. He's definitely a punch-in-the-face type politician, while Martin's more of a stiletto-between-the-shoulder-blades man.

Dean, incidentally, kind of reminds me of Chrétien. I have mixed feelings about the latter, and therefore mixed feelings about the former. I'm firmly convinced that Martin is a bloodless, conniving bastard, however.

As for the Franken thing -- you do know that the New York Post is not a reliable source, right?

"As for the Franken thing -- you do know that the New York Post is not a reliable source, right?"

Well, yes... which is why it's in a post with fake rumors about unlikely crossover movies, unverified stories about shoving pundits, tongue-in-cheek suggestions about reviving dubious social customs, TRR's latest hissy fit and a gratuitous Star Trek reference. IOW, I put it under Humor for a reason. :)

Ya got comment spam here, guys. You might want to keep an eye on deleting that sort of thing ASAP.

Moments later: oh, here's an irony. I try to post the above, and get responded to with this:
"In an effort to combat malicious comment posting by scripts, I've enabled a feature that requires a weblog commenter to wait a short amount of time before being able to post again. Please try to post your comment again in a short while. Thanks for your patience."

Hey, it's Sunday afternoon and I've been moving furniture around: reaction time will suffer. :)

But thanks for the heads-up.

Yes, more spam.

Damned bots.

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