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January 28, 2004


Well, I do have Impeccable Taste, he said modestly. (After all, I also blogrolled youse guys very early in this blog's existence.)

And, yes, it is a very small world in some ways.

Heh. I like it, even though I only know about AD&D what I caught from those overweight, furry, smelly creatures playing it in the dorm rec room until the wee, small hours.

It gave me some comfort that there were some people on campus who were further behind in their studies than I.

You're a lucky man, Moe. When my wife has extra time she goes shopping. I note the link at the bottom pointing to Evil Masterminding For Idiots. Could this be where you get some of your secrets?

I love it when worlds collide.

Man! This makes me want to unpack my miniatures....

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