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January 19, 2004


You are so going to lose your VRWC card. If we catch you wearing a John Edwards t-shirt, consider the jig up!

"You are so going to lose your VRWC card."

Gee, harley, haven't you figured it out yet? We've taken over the Republicans, so now we're going to take over the Democrats too. Then we shall take over Andorra, mostly because even geography wonks have difficulty finding it on a map, which adds a bit of complexity to the thing. After that, we face our greatest challenge: convincing the food industry to either sell hot dogs in groups of 12 or hot dog buns in groups of 8...

Damn you Moe Lane! Diabolical in ways I never suspected.

Didn't Hillary attempt to complain to soldiers in Iraq about President Bush? No cite, just a memory. I don't disapprove of Hillary just on sheer Hillariness, but I do disapprove of some of her actions. Just look at her during a SOTU address (particularly the 2002 one) to see what I mean.

That said, bravo for Bill! Give the man an ambassador post. I don't know, perhaps he's learned something. Certainly the deals he's brokered between Israel and Palestine haven't exactly continued on their original course, but maybe that was naivete. I think more of the same ought to be encouraged, but (I was half-kidding about the ambassadorship) how do you encourage an ex-president to do anything at all?

Didn't Hillary attempt to complain to soldiers in Iraq about President Bush? No cite, just a memory.

No. While visiting Iraq, she gave an interview to a reporter in which she was generally very positive about our military efforts but said something like "the ultimate outcome is uncertain," neither referring to Bush, nor addressed to soldiers. The VRWC (tm) threw its usual hissy-fit.

"The VRWC (tm) threw its usual hissy-fit."

Umm, actually, some of us didn't.

Others of us didn't, too. As I said, a vague memory. If I'd paid any mind to it at all, I'd have blogged it.

And I AM the VRWC, LizardBreath. Moe's just a toady.

"Moe's just a toady."

That's Mr. Toady to you, fjordmaker.



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