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January 12, 2004



I get that impression of only about 82% of the people who devote their careers to politics and policy. 62.9% of those people do better jobs of hiding it.

"...here's a bit of the never-quite-socialized, still slightly bitter about high school nerdwhiff about the fellow."

But that's his good side.

Grover Norquist is a hard-charging dork, this is true, though his philosophy of political organization (he's been cobbling together "the leave-us-alone coalition" since 1990 or so) would make the GOP more mainstream and moderate on social issues than, say, the other crazy aunts the GOP has in its attic (Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell).

I don't mind him because he's a big-tenter even if he is um . . . special. The people in the party who really worry me are the ones who say to hell with gays, or to hell with blacks, or to hell with Latinos. Norquist, on the other hand, sincerely believes he can convince anybody and everybody that a smaller government would be better for them. The message might be over-the-top, but his willingness to talk to diverse audiences is something the rest of the right should emulate.

(Mark me down as one of those concerned with Norquist's willingness to cozy up with certain Muslim groups, however.)

His stuff always reads like the Sesame Street Grover, to me. So I tend not to take him all that seriously, unless he actually says something that merits it.

Which is how it ought to be (not the Sesame Street reference, the other bit). Politicians, columnists, pundits, etc should all be heard on the basis of the validity of what they're saying this time, rather than any earned credibility they might have. Hence, Sawicky might occasionally have something valuable to say. Maybe even (although this is statistically much less likely) even Hesiod might, too. But the signal-to-noise in the latter case is low enough that I just don't read him.

If I ever put forth a valuable idea myself, I'll probably have to sit on my laurels for a while. I'm not holding my breath for that, though.

CalPundit highlighted this quote:
" 'He is an impresario of the center-right,' the president's strategist, Karl Rove, said in an interview. Rove said Norquist's activists helped President Bush push trade promotion, tax cuts, judicial nominees and tort reform, among other items."

Which is the sort of thing that makes me want to run for the hills. Or to New Hampshire. ("To your tents, O Democrats.")

Norquist would be too silly to take seriously, but he's very influential. (And Slarti, lay off Sesame Street Grover.)

I read the article. Ooooohhh...scary bad Grover. It'll be even worse for you when he transforms into...Super Grover!

I wrote about Norquist here and his dust-up with Frank Gaffney. Given his ties to dubious characters, Norquist has lost my trust, so he's in the Bird Dog dog house.

Credit Max for a funny title.

Moe, your link to Farber didn't get me to anything related to Norquist.

Dang. Guess I failed to get Katherine's goat, if she even has one.

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