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January 28, 2004


Oh, I'm past worry and despair into cold, unthinking stubbornness. This Democratic party of yours wants to not lose, not to win, and I'm going to walk barefoot to wherever Howard Dean is inspiring people at the time and shove money down his glorious, yeaaagghing throat if that's what it takes to wake them up.

And he will be warmly recepted in Washington, though we're late in the game.

Dean's speech was, brilliant.

(That's it for me for a few days. Travelling again . . . )


p.s. w/r/t "2) Portsmouth's pizza situation has improved greatly since the days when my family would stop there between Bangor and Long Island."

My Grandmother has had a little place in Birch Harbor ('bout an hour from Bangor, north of Ellsworth, on the coast) for years. Beautiful country -- she goes every summer, tends her garden, and allows us the privilege of joining her for as long as we can. Which is never long enough.

Well, if you and Andrew Sullivan and Josh Marshall liked it I guess it really was a good speech.

Here's the most interesting thing about Dean's I've read though, from the comments on Calpundit:
"I've never warmed to Dean."

That's the biggest fault I've seen in the man. Dem's have been given (in Dean's case) a candidate that has the integrity, sincerity, character and conviction not seen in a Democratic presidential candidate since Bobby Kennedy and he turns out to be unlikeable.

It's down right cruel (from my point of view) - if the fates (via JFK) teach him some humility and manners -- who knows what will come of it.

I don't know about "not seen in a Democratic presidential candidate since Bobby Kennedy", and I don't think he's intrinsically unlikeable, but I think there's some truth to both parts of that statement.

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