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January 30, 2004


Bush lied. Blair lied. All
can see their lies and those who
died. 'Cept Hutton.

Cosmic oneness.
Gazing contemplatively at my navel,

An urgent appeal
Is sent out to all readers --
Mo' haiku for Moe.

It snowed on Wednesday -
The same day Hutton gave us
Another whitewash.

Moe Lane went to mow
Went to Moe Lane a meadow -
Whoops, run out of space.

I wish I could remember exactly where I found this, but such are the perils of blogsurfing while drinking merlot. Anyway, it's about people who wear those pants with words on the butt...

Haiku on your ass
Is poetry in motion
If you're built for it.

No harm in reviving those old classics, the error message haiku

Windows NT crashed.
I am the Blue Screen of Death.
No one hears your screams.

-- Peter Rothman

Is it cold outside?
Not here in San Diego.
Ha ha ha ha ha!

So Cal's my old home;
Weather's always the same.
I was glad to leave.

Changes in weather
Keep life interesting; though
this year's a bit much...

Winter is the Spring;
Summer and Autumn also.
OK, I miss snow.

Trebek's pickup puts
mailboxes in jeopardy.
Potent potables?

A man, a plan, a
canal: Panama - canal
a ,plan a ,man a.

Sorry. Just one of those days, I think.

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