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January 13, 2004


Fuyumono wa
Shiatoru ni aru
Zannen na

(My winter clothing
is back in Seattle
Bummer, huh)

Eh, forgot to make it scan in English. But hey.

Oooh, high-toned haiku. Well, here our haiku are usually low-tone and always proud of it:

The pond has frozen
And will not thaw until spring:
Want more primaries.

Five words chill the soul:
Norquist in a pink tutu
I'm eating pretzels

Suppose Jeb Barlet
Was running this November;
Would you vote for him?

The governor of
a tiny New England state,
whose wife's a doctor;

He is outspoken,
and liberal, and totally,

Does this sound at all
like anyone else we know?
(Shorter answer: yes.)

Reagan gunman freed
NewsMax figures it all out:
"It is Clinton's fault!"

A little outdated, but I like it.

Howard Dean awakes
reads the paper--Nedra's there
he says: oh, bugger

higgledy piggledy
Joseph I. Lieberman
picks up the newspaper,
sees the new poll.

"Looks like I went up by
half a percentage point.
I'm on a roll."

Oh, wait -- wrong genre. Sorry.

O'Neill welcomes probe
"I'm too old, too rich, ha ha
Wait, what kind of probe?"

Clemens bid farewell
To Manhattan's sceptered isle
Now he's an Asstro*

*With thanks to the NY Post

Oh, WELL, kenB, if we're slipping on the genre front, howsabout limericks?

M C Masterchef, where is your quota?
You've contributed not one iota.
Tell us who'd be the leader
Backed by al-Qaida
Were Osama a registered voter.

Oh well, back to Haiku...

In all honesty
Clark's a bit too bellicose;
I'd rather keep Bush...

UK's Gen. Jackson
Ignored Clark in Kosovo;
Re. blocking Russians

Mind you, I'm British
So I can't vote in Novembre;
[French aids the scansion]

Oh, and once again
Moe's rearranged the blogroll;
Make your mind up, son!

The problem with Hai
Ku is the rigid structure;
Can't fit in all the-

Gitmo's oubliette,
America's disgrace: take oath,
justice for all

Democrats, no way
I bow before King Giblets
Command me, Ruler!

Genetic fishies
not like your brook or steelhead
do the rainbow flout

You did not leave your party
Your party left you

I have been remiss!
Should've checked blog this morn
Class comes again soon

Alas, nihongo
Is too muzukashii yet
For real haiku deal

Jet lag still grips me
Thirty hours of travel sucks
Japan was awesome

My blog craves traffic
My quota remains paltry
I must comment whore!

IR History
Competes for my afternoon
Haiku must triumph!

Newspaper and blogs
Remain unread as of yet
So I make stuff up

Anyone read a book
Called "Dogs and Demons" by a
Mister Alex Kerr?

It is some good stuff
Though makes me hesitate on
JET program a bit

Unformed thoughts combine
With rush to next class to form
Some hasty haikus

More trenchant comments
Will follow, rest assured
Hey, it beats MoDo

MC Masterchef MoDoized:

I have been...checked
Class...sucks...Japan was...paltry


Sometimes I feel
my blog's kinda pointless. Then...
Sweet validation

MoDo shows me
If sweaters snag a column:
Hey, I can do this.

Hey Von, I went to
Amoeba again. Still no
Supersilent 6

Gracias, Cri-on
Perhaps I shall abandon
Supersilent 6

von added a tag
Making subsequent text bold -
This haiku stops that.

Except it did not.
Well I admit I'm jiggered
If I can solve it.

If all World Leaders
Met up and all wrote haiku,
Would we have World Peace?

James Casey fixed it
And yet he feels he has not
Too self-critical

Obsidian Wings
Is truly Fair and Balanced.
No, seriously.

I see the problem.
I've solved the 'bold' in I.E.
But not Mozilla.

James' reparations
Not universally sound
William H. Gates smiles

Dean doth lead the field
Insurmountably I ask?
Hark! T'is true, I fear

Dean is in the lead?
That's a bold statement, Davy.
But, I use Netscape.

Burgers on demand
There's even an RPG .
Ninja delivers?

James forces me to yell
via borked html
Well, two can play at that game

You cannot deny
The inherent beauty

But really, someone
was just talking in my ear
So I couldn't count

Oh, that's just brilliant.
Sidereal slants the poems
with snafu haiku.

offoff now
invisible syllables
perhaps bring us back?

Is a town in Wisconsin.
Just thought I'd share that.

Impoverished, she
Her lackadaisical beau
Makes Haiku, not money

If Dean wins the race,
And surplants GW,
Is that a high coup?

Round and round we go,
Eschewing centric foci.
Haiku ellipse, now.

"Round and round we go,
Eschewing centric foci.
Haiku ellipse, now."

I had to go find
My girlfriend for the meaning*
Geometric puns?


*Her voice is cheery -
"I could draw you a picture":
Hell beckons to me.

Haikus have slowed down --
Perhaps ideas run low?
Or is it just late?

We've strayed from the more
seasonal offerings, so
I'll take one more shot:

Visitors from west coast
Wanted snow for Christmas -- nope.
Now, they're gone, it's here.

Haikus show I.Q.'s.
High I.Q.'s like haikus. Low
I.Q.'s -- no haikus.

(Not original,
just one of my favorites
from Willard Espy).

[re my 10:16
haiku, the last of the group,
about Christmas guests:]

I just realized --
there's one extra syllable.
Dammit, I hate that.

'...Geometric puns?"

What good was that math
and engineering schooling
If not to make puns?

Hark! the lead shrinketh!
Dean taketh blows on the chops
Flee Hawkeye state

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