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January 07, 2004


Sorry, you're too late. There's already a ninja candidate:

I don't think this is so savvy of The New Republic. I think the two man race between Dean and Clark is finally at hand--and for Lieberman to have any shot it has to be a four man race at least.

Bloody Hell. Fine, never mind.


PS :)

Savvy? They're whistling past the graveyard. Unless both Dean and Clark catastrophically self-destruct, Lieberman has no chance of getting the nomination.

I think you'd also need Edwards and Gephardt to catastrophically self destruct. Maybe also Kerry. You think Dean has problems in a two man race, wait till you see Lieberman.

Moe, if my wishes were memes, even Hadassah would call him the Ninja.

Turns out the Howard Dean in the Ninja movie is not Dr. Dean. It's just as well - the video stores here didn't have it, so I avoided wasting $4 just for a laugh.

Joe can be the Ninjaburger candidate.

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