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January 21, 2004


Latest developments; and they aint good:


"Mounties spent hours Wednesday searching the home and office of an Ottawa Citizen reporter who has written about the Maher Arar case, looking for evidence of a possible breach of the Security of Information Act."

When this guy was in the US, the authorities there knew that the RCMP were waiting to put a tail on him when he re-entered Canada. They also knew it was just as likely he would lose them. This individual had associated with people who were under suspicion, had been criss-crossing borders in Middle Eastern states as if he were trying to cover his tracks, and had moved his family a couple of times after authorities had questioned people with whom he had associated.

Against the law? No. Stupid? Yes. VERY STUPID, in light of the events of 9-11 and the then and current mindset in security and law enforcement circles? You decide.

The raid on the journalist was equally stupid. What did they expect to find? From all accounts this was a highly experienced reporter who had once been posted inside the former Soviet Union. The likelyhood of her letting her source become compromised is probably zero on a bad day. Did the Gendarmes think they were sending out a message? They were, alright. The message is, that they are just as stupid as this Arar character.

Maher Arar was "VERY STUPID"?


So if you're an immigrant who came from a brutal tyranny to find peace and honest work in North America, you'd better remember to behave as if you're still living under a brutal tyranny. For God's sake, don't "associate" with someone like Abdullah Almalki who might also have been investigated by the police and sent to Syria to be tortured (and then cleared of all charges). Don't be so stupid as to move from one area to another just because you want to try working or living there - or if you have to, you'd better not bring your family along. And if "authorities have questioned people with whom you've associated", then you'd better not make any moves at any time after that, because they'll clearly assume that you're fleeing and going underground; with all those years of living and working in plain sight under your own name, they might "lose" you at any moment.

I mean, all you have to do is think about it from the point of view of "the then and current mindset in security and law enforcement circles". Clearly Maher didn't bother to understand that mindset; maybe he thought for some reason that it would be different than the Syrian secret police. Stupid, stupid Maher Arar.

What was it Martin Niemoller said? I can't remember, something about how the Communists, social democrats, trade unionists, and Jews should've known better.

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