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December 28, 2003


There's nothing like driving the Garden State Parkway for the first time. At night. In holiday traffic. While asking yourself just why you had that third cup of coffee.

Holy shit, Moe. That road is death. It's the only place I've ever seen two guys doing better than 100 mph racing down the breakdown lanes past traffic. The only way it could have been worse for you is if it were raining.

Christmas trips to visit presumptive in-laws whose patriarch doesn't quite believe even after seven years that you are quite worthy enough to date his darling daughter

Moe, will it make you feel any better if I tell you that the subject hs been thoroughly debated among your friends, and the consensus decision was that you are, indeed, good enough to be involved with her?

I'd be happy to write you a letter of recommendation, if you think that would help...

Don't sweat it, Michael: I'm mostly grumping here to get rid of the last bits left over. I'm cool with things. :)

Mithras, on the one hand I once made the Kutztown/Belmar run in one hour, twenty minutes (a feat that is only achievable in a retooled '71 Camaro capable of sustained speeds of 120+ mph and sporting a radar detector with more sensitivity than Heimdall), and that time includes the stop for burgers - so a measley little GSP jaunt shouldn't have bothered me. OTOH, I was only a passenger/lookout for that hellride (hell, I was absolutely-vital ballast for a good part of it), so maybe not. :)

Moe, it's not the speed per se that bothers me, it's the context of rush-hour traffic and Jersey drivers and absolutely no room for error.

the Kutztown/Belmar run in one hour

Got me beat. I did Wilmington, DE to Dewey Beach in 50 minutes while handing beers to the driver of a hemi Roadrunner, but I am no longer suicidal. (Although much of that drive took place on old Rt. 9 through Slower Delaware, which adds points for difficulty, to say nothing of stupidity.)

Hi Moe,

Is your Yahoo account working ok? I sent a message, but then I realized the header may have looked deceptively like spam. No, it's not about Paris Hilton or the patch, either.

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