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December 29, 2003


I've heard that Bush's economic and environmental policies caused the death of the dinosaurs! Why does he hate reptiles?

Moe, come on. "Blame America" is easy and you shouldn't be surprised. Humour it. You're the obvious target; ubiquitous, humungous, and other words ending in 'ous'. Not 'cous-cous'.

To be fair, though, the amount of pies you have your big fingers in, and no one being totally infallible (save the Pope when speaking Ex Cathedra), the US has got to mess it up on at least a few occasions. You're just involved more than anyone else; it stands to reason. Just the law of averages. And I'm not saying you're at fault in this case.

Toynbee, and I've been reading her for several years, I either almost totally agree with or almost totally disagree. This one (when I read it a few days ago) is one of the latter.

"Moe, come on. "Blame America" is easy and you shouldn't be surprised."

Oh, I'm not. I'm not even offended, much. Just wondering if there's anything that my country isn't going to be blamed for eventually. Entropy, maybe. :)

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