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December 12, 2003


So what does the "requested" category mean?

Means I forgot I had it down there: it's a 'people thought that it'd be a cool addition to the blogroll' blogroll. Obviously, went nowhere. :)

Open a new ticket on Typepad's customer service page and ask about how to place an image in either sidebar. They are very helpful and quick with written instructions on how to do something, or if needed, the workarounds. Basically, you accomplish what you are asking by setting up a typelist in a certain way and then uploading the image or inserting the link. Best to ask them though.

OK, I'll try that. Muchas gracias.

#3: If I'm reading it right, it sounds like the method of blog-promotion that Eugene Volokh advocates. Some bloggers may be annoyed by it (then again, no matter what you do there's some blogger that would be annoyed by it), but I don't think it would be generally considered crass.

Wow, I didn't even have to ask...thanks!

It's kinda sad that none of the Obsidian Wingers likes us backscratchers enough to take ownership of our sites in their blogrolls... It's like being off in the orphanage... *sniff* *sniff*...


For the record, I emailed Moe to request custody BEFORE that post. My husband is an economics PhD student, I can't believe I forgot.

I'm linked to you, Moe. After the hours of bloggy goodness I've gotten from you three at Tacitus, how could I not?

Geez, Brad, we're making this up as we go along. ;)


PS: Various updates and additions complete. Thanks for the head's-up, Phil; I'm relying a lot on the Ecosystem to see who's linking to us, so links from sites not on there may take a while for us to notice.

technorati's better.

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