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December 13, 2003


12:46 on a Friday is late? Jesus, that's about when I'm having lunch.

One day I'll see that sun thing I hear so much about.

Moe - I'm confused. I almost thought I detected puzzlement on your part that the French would be acting (a) nefariously, and (b) in their own self-interest to the detriment of others.

For much readable detail on the draft EU Constitution (and lots of other sorts of bloggery goodness) y'all might want to check out A Fistful of Euros, right over there on the left.

My take? I agree with Moe, though not as vehemently. This is one of those purely political, you-get-what-you-negotiate kinda deals. If the Poles and the Spanish hang tough, good for them; if not, well, they get what they negotiate.

The voting issue is sort of secondary anyhow. The EU Constitution contains a lot that's good, a lot that's pointless, and a fair bit that's scary dumb. It badly needs a rewrite, which it ain't gonna get, so it'll probably have to be shot down by referenda.

Story for another time.

Doug M.

Oh, and by the way, gang: I just voted again (yes, it's allowed), and was horrified to find that my vote made the difference between fifth place and sixth.


And sixth behind "On Beyond Azure", which is... well, just not nearly as good a blog as this one.

Come on, gang. You're going to let Moe, von and Katherine get whipped by a blog that can't even be bothered to capitalize and punctuate? That would just be so... embarrassing.

There's still a day left in the poll, and just twelve lousy votes will move us up a rank, so vote early and vote often, whilst you still can. It doesn't take five seconds, and hey: while you're there you can vote for (I mean against) Brad de Long and against (oh, I mean for) James Lileks. Or whoever, as the case may be.

Doug M.

The worrying thing was Chirac saying to the newbies Poland that they're abusing their future positions (they're not officially in the European Union yet), and that they should keep quiet out of deference to being allowed into the club.

I don't know that I'm especially anti-Europe or pro-Europe or anti-Chirac or pro-Chirac, but this sort of attitude, 'You shouldn't speak out because...' is wrong.

As I say, I'm really not anti-Chirac. I know what life in France is like; I have a lot of relatives there - French, not ex-pat Britons. He seems quite a good leader. But Chirac's used that argument before, saying You're New Here, So Shut Up; and it's not right.

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