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December 16, 2003


I still don't understand the concept of "straw" or "strawman" in this context...is there a widely accepted defintion?

From Merriam Webster's online (http://www.m-w.com):

"Main Entry: straw man. Function: noun. Date: 1896
1 : a weak or imaginary opposition (as an argument or adversary) set up only to be easily confuted."

Now, Sullivan his fellow warriors are quoting real people so they'd argue that it's not a straw man argument. But they are deliberately choosing the worst & weakest comments on the worst sites to generalize about the entire Democratic party, or the entire group of people who opposed the Iraq war, or "the Left". (Overuse of the term "the Left" is a pretty good tip-off actually.)

In that sense--it's a straw man argument. Or, if you want to be picky, the functional equivalent of a straw man argument. Either way, it's just about worthless.

People on the left do plenty of this too, but they examples I've seen are more likely to rely on statements by an actual politician, or a prominent blogger, or a widely watched or read media person.

An eloquent post about Johnny Cash.

Re. No #2:

At least they didn't call it "Operation Dirty Dancing".

Thanks for that rilkefan...beautiful read.

Thanks. You are obviously highly brilliant and perceptive and very tasty. Er, have very good taste.

I shall eagerly await the $50 you send to every Blog Post Of The Week!

Er, that's what you do, right? I'm sure I read that somewhere, and they wouldn't let it be in print if it weren't true!

(At least feel free to scroll around at my site and see if you can anything else amusing or interesting; I'm quite sure that in no time at all I can piss you off!)

And, really, thanks; nice compliment. Appreciated.

Uhh, Gary, you do know about the $100 posting fee on Obsidian Wings?

What is Gary talking about?

Edward, Gary IS amygdala. See Katherine's point 5.


Is it a good blog?

Hey James, your comment inspired a truly epic effort at procrastination on my part. (now the first post.) Thanks!

Procrastination is the most noble cause there is.

Rilkefan, thanks for the link. He was one of a kind.

I just picked up the final album from June Carter Cash and would recommend it to anyone who liked Johnny's American Records series. "Keep on the Sunny Side" is worth the price alone.

"Red Dawn" could've been worse. We could've named it "Operation Ghost," and have it end with Saddam leaving the spider hole to possess Whoopi Goldberg's body and make out with Demi Moore.

"Is it a good blog?"

God, no! Don't look at it Your eyes! They'll burn!

"Procrastination is the most noble cause there is."

Words I've dedicated my life to.

"Is it a good blog?"

Well, it just got added to the blogroll...

"Is it a good blog?"

Well, it has something bound to infuriate everyone for one reason or another (me with jelousy at the prodigiouness of the posting, f'rex). So I would say yes.

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