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December 18, 2003


Frodo and Sam are gay? I can't believe you gave away the secret before I saw the movie.

Saddam seems like a furry version of Smeagle. Is it a movie now? I knew it was a book.

Actually, I haven't seen the movie yet--but I've read the books:

Geez, Katherine, why do you hate Middle-Earth so much? Quit being so objectively pro-orc.

But yes, it did not escape my mind that the hobbits are a wee bit homoerotic.

Then there is this: http://www.veryverygay.com/

But, but … Dick Cheney + chronic conjunctivitis = Sauron!

An awfull lot of the pro warbloggers are heavy into LOTR.

well, the warbloggers are used to justifying actions using fiction, so it's no surprise they're similarly enamored with it.

as opposed the the antiwar bloggers whon don't realise that fantasy is fiction.

An awful lot of bloggers in general, be they pro-war, anti-war, or even pro-catblogging-instead-of-talking-about-war, are heavily into LOTR. Insert tired old saw about correlation and causation here, yadda yadda yadda...

Dudes. Chill. Blogging is a geek thing. LOTR is a geek thing. Yer a geek (pro- or anti-war)? You're into LOTR. QED.

yeah, if I wasn't already a certified geek (which I was) use of the term "Dunedain" would have sealed it.

Katherine, you have to admit the dwarf is pretty eloquent, judging from your link. The bit at the bottom scares me a little but it has some thought behind it; and he casts his sentences better than our guy.

You are entirely correct, Katherine. It is far more compelling and convincing to stick to using Star Wars movies to make relevant analogies to the Islamist-West situation.

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