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December 08, 2003


You know I saw the headline, figured Franken's book would be on the list, went to the umbrage lock box, and all I found was left-over Vicodin from today's dental surgery. Mmmm. Vicodin.

Nice post, too.

Well, I let Franken off relatively easily: I think that he may be the only one on that list with an actual sense of humor. Or at least the smallest ego of the bunch.

Hope the surgery went well, btw. I had some wisdom tooth extractions last year that made me grateful for general anesthetics.

Point of parliamentary procedure!

Ya cain't be lumpin' all these books together, Dammit.

Lemme give you an example:

1. Moore, 2. Krugman, 3. Vidal, 4. Ivins -- all worthless.

But...Al Franken is funny. James Carville is funny. Yes, Franken is clueless on politics, but the boy got some good yuck capabilities.

And Carville...the unplanned offspring of Captain Pickard & the Banjo player in Deliverance -- that boy is a genius. Certified crazy man, Yes, but a stone-cold genius. Married up, too, from what I can tell.

So, I think ya gotta differentiate a bit with these books. Myself, O'Reilly is unreadable, but the Bernard Goldberg book was damn good.

Hey, ND, I'm not saying people shouldn't read them - well, actually I am, but that's just my opinion, not natural law (and I wouldn't rewrite the universe so that my whims were natural law*). I'm just saying that I really, really, really hate even the idea of partisan political books. It's a personal flaw of mine, I know.


*Except for - shoot, now I have to come up with a suitably humorous exception. Umm. Err. Yeah.


Like von, I dislike "hey, look at me" posts, but hey, look at me:

I haven't read any of them. I don't want to read any of them. Well, maybe if someone *gave* me Carville or Krugman, but I wouldn't spend money.

Someone did give me Moore's _Stupid White Men_ and Coulter's _Slander_, but I haven't bothered with either.

I'm cool. Dig me.

I wouldn't buy any of these books. They have a very short relevant shelf life. (As my mouldering collection of PJ O'Rourke books from the 80's will attest to.)

Speaking of which, Franken and O'Rourke are both hilarious. (They should collect some of O'Rourke's old Car and Driver pieces and put 'em out as a book. That I'd buy in a heartbeat.)

Ivins, I think, really does care about the little guy, and does not come across to me as a Bush hater.

The rest are just shrill.

My girlfriend's response to this entire post was to take a martial arts pose and intone "Fear the inexorable power of the three-toed sloth".

You two have been at the coconut rum again, haven't you?

Anyway, about the post itself... Some of these folks do good work when they're in a very limited area of competency. Molly Ivins can write her ass off about Texas politics, Franken can write a pretty good joke, and Carville's damn smart and believes in the difference between the parties without fetishizing it.

There are others on the list that are totally worthless, though, and ought to be ashamed of using up perfectly good wood pulp that could have been turned into Gor novels, or Piers Anthony books, or even second-rate TP.

I made the mistake of reading Goldberg's Bias. I thought I would enjoy it because I hate Dan Rather. In the end I decided I hate Goldberg more. I decided to pass on all the others.

Has anyone read Chris Matthews' book(s)? Does he manage a non-partisan viewpoint without ending up with the literary equivalent of semi-cooked oatmeal?

Did any of y'all see Jon Stewart interview Bernie Goldberg on "the Daily Show"? It was pretty well-done, polite and capable and giving Goldberg most of the airtime, but afterwards, my not-very-political but pretty perceptive roommate said, "Boy, Jon Stewart really hates that guy."

At any rate, I love "the Daily Show." It's possibly the best show currently on TV.

PJ O'Rourke? (I know he's a hack, but a funny hack, man.)

Yes, I watched Jon Stewart & Bernard Goldberg tonight; it was GREAT! Stewart was so pointed and competent in his arguments and all Goldberg could say was "blah blah...people clapping for you...blah blah"! :-)

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