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December 21, 2003


Wouldn't Clue Slash offer more writing opportunities? "With the rope in the library" has a whole new meaning, heh.

Amygada da vida, baby.

I like Oblivious Wings, myself.


Fine, just as long as we don't start seeing Password/Scrabble crossovers--that just leads to problems of characterization incompatibility and basic universe rules conflicts that no one really needs to see. ]:-)

I felt the spray of water on my neck before the warning klaxons began to wail. Somebody was asleep at the conn, and I was pissed. From the way the ship shuddered, the first shell landed not twenty meters from the bow of our destroyer before anybody even knew the other fleet was out there.

'What the hell is going on?' I screamed as I reached the bridge. 'How'd they find us?'

As usual, the XO was nowhere to be found, but the chief was already on top of it. 'Surface radar is malfunctioning, sir - sunspot activity. We're doing recon the old-fashioned way, but the fog is making it difficult. I think they're firing blind, too, Captain - they must have spotted one of our AWACS.'

I scanned the map, and did some quick math. 'It has to be coming from the north. Load up the five-inch guns, and target grid D-3. Let's see if we can shake something loose.'

Just then, we heard an explosion to the south, and we could see something burning in the distance. I checked the map, and felt a pit in my stomach - it was coming from E-5.

'It's the Iowa. They sank our battleship.'

Independant George, that was brilliant :-)

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