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December 14, 2003


It's odd, what's happening to the east coast. There's more forest cover in the Northeast than there was a century ago, and maybe a century before that. And now we've got predators back, which I guess is a natural consequence of the huge deer population. As well as bears in New Jersey, there are coyotes in a lot of New York and Connecticut. They've even been sighted in the Bronx. Not to mention the ones that ate my husband's family's sweet little cat.

I think it's a good thing overall. But they need to be controlled so they don't endanger people--if it can be done short of shooting them, great. I don't know enough about animal control to know if that's possible. If not, well, I know one little kitten that looks armed, dangerous and ready for vengeance....

Hunting deer and bears is sound way to manage the population. With regards to the damn CG, the shaking of eggs and the liberal application of border collies and australian shephards works wonders.

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