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December 12, 2003


Now I'm blushing. A big thank you to all the members of the Academy, and to Moe, Katherine, and the manifestation of Macallan's imagination that for want of a better term we call Von for what is fast becoming my favorite blog.

...and I'm not just saying that because I won the contest.

The degree to which it was a contributing factor, though, I will leave to your incisive minds. :)

I actually meant a permalink between "About me" and "Email me". But either way works.

Oh, I didn't even see the permanent link on the right. Nevermind. Clearly I need coffee.

And Matt, thanks.

Guns don't kill people. Kittens kill people.

I like your Mascot. It is totally cute!

That is the best picture/Mascot/whatever I've seen in a long time, ROTFL...

Oh WOW! What a great photo! Hahahahahaaa! Brilliant!

How about?

That is the cutest.

Except maybe for this.


i live in Brixton, London and happen to have cats, do you think you're kitten could come and train mine in achieving a decent aim out of the window at all the nutters and local cracks dealers?

Obviously I'll pay for kitten's travel and ensure he doesn't get into too much trouble whilst here.

this is the dumbest thing ive ever seen u all are losers. go get a life people.

With losers like these, who needs winners?

Great mascot.

Veterans of Future Wars weapons experts have studied the mascot photo with the latest photo analysis technology. We have identified the object in the feline's paws as a can opener. Although it can disburse noxious fumes within a short range if not properly maintained and can be used as an IHTOHCT (Improvised hand to hand combat tool), it cannot deliver standard ordinance over distance. We believe the feline was using the opener to steady the scope while on a recon mission of Persian cats occupying the apartment across the street.

It's way past time to update the "About" link ... G'Kar and Publius aren't mentioned.

And what of Katherine?

If anyone cares, which clearly no one does, there are still dead links on the sidebar for blogs that haven't posted in over two years.

I still think you photoshopped it.

I've gone on and on about my love of dogs on these pages but, thanks to my sister, eventually developed an affection for cats and couldn't imagine life without one.

Forget how I stumbled on to this blog but, once I did, the cat in the corner caught my eye and got me to reading. My son laughs everytime he sees it.

P.S. Fellow cat lovers, ObWi regular cleek posts great shots of his cat on his site -- they're individualistic, yet very relatable.


I've tried to figure out what the mascot represents and always come away perplexed -- which I've concluded is the point: Kitty represents everything, and nothing.

Or: Sometimes a cat with a gun is just a cat with a gun.

Cats - the most loving animals!)

I've read ObWi for a year or two, but until rock's comment showed up in the "recent comments" I had no idea the kitty had ever been explained. I just assumed it was a portrait of The Voice Of Moderation.

that is suckish
it's funny but really suckish

That cat is so cute holding a gun.
I have a picture of my black and white cat sitting at a computer with its paw on the mouse.

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