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November 15, 2003


Moe has a blog! You know this, of course, but it bears repeating. And Katherine, whom I haven't seen as much, but hello!

I'm pretty confused about this. Why is there something that looks like a sig in the middle of the entry? Where does the quote end? Who wrote the last part? We've been introduced to three bloggers here, but there's no way to tell who has said what. Doesn't TypePad support communal blogging?

Other than that, looks nice. Best wishes.

Good luck Moe, Tac says it is a trio. So when is Von's bio going up?

1). The universe is quite possibly a literary critic;

The Shepherd has a very dry sense of humor.

Good luck, guys and gal. :o)

Welcome, guys. In my customary slumming around the Internet, I'll add you to my list of bloggers whom I'll bring grief and grumpiness.

I've never read a blogger as rambling as you. The remarkable thing is that you make it work, it's sort of charming rather than unreadable.

Not usually a big Lileks fan, but the paragraph in this one about Michael Moore is the most accurate and concise diss on Moore I've ever seen. I don't even mind Michael Moore that much; I'm just very pleased when writing is used so cleverly to call people on their sh*t.

Good luck guys. You're currently sitting between Liberal Oasis and Not Geniuses on the convenient Safari bookmark bar. Onward and upward!

"I've never read a blogger as rambling as you. The remarkable thing is that you make it work, it's sort of charming rather than unreadable."

When I read this to my girlfriend, it took her about half a minute to stop laughing. Apparently I blog the way that I talk.

So... much as I'd like to be miffed in a humorous manner about this, apparently I can't on the grounds that it's completely true, true, true. :)


PS: Welcome, everybody. Thanks for the kind words and all. :)

some guy--
thanks for the input. I'm going to start putting my name (& a link to my email) at the top of my posts.

Let me see if I can get the system to distinguish between posts, first. Also, somebody suggested a recent comments section; that's an available feature, so I'm just going to add it (I can also enable HTML). Katherine/von, let me know if either's a problem, or if there's anything else you want added/removed. :)

Added and updated.

Forgot to say, welcome to the blogosphere and good luck.

From reading Tacitus, I know you'll be a good read. I have added you to our (A Fistful of Euros) blogroll.

hey Moe, since we both seem to be reading comments (yay! comments!)--Juan Cole's blog is "Informed Comment", not "Informed Consent".

Oops. :)

pleadse mugu from lome togo so kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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